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How to Buy Thodex Monero

To get Monero, you can act according to the answer to the question of how to get Thodex  monero.  Yes, purchases are very easy.

In response  to the question of how to buy Thodex  Monero  through the information given in stages, you can successfully complete your purchase by following the steps.

How to Buy Monero  

What you need to do to buy the moneron is to use the grocery page. There will be buttons on the trading table. Quantities have been determined for the demand generated by the users. You will also see the total trading amounts from the page. Amounts can also show the sum of requests that a user can create, or the sum of users who bid at the same unit price of multiple users..  You can make your selection from my open orders / requests table and perform your instant operations.

Buying Monero  Using  Market Order Order

It is also possible to buy Monere  using Market  Order.  In order to  do this, the total amount of TL requested to be purchased through Quantity TRY must be written. In the Total field, you will be  shown the calculations as an estimate for the amount of Monero to be obtained. If your order is operated, other orders by other users may result in a more or less upward movement of the  final price. In  the transactions to be carried out with Market Order, the purchases will take place automatically from the order at the top of the ball at the time.

What is written in unit price, quantity and total field?

What will you write in the desired fields for the  monero you want to   buy? The Quantity  field means how many units you want to buy for the cryptocurrency you want to buy. For  the total area, it gives the portion of how much Turkish money will be paid if the purchase is completed. If the unit price and quantity field is filled in, the total portion will come automatically.

Current Price Came to The Price I Specified But There Was No Transaction?

The current price only shows the price at which the last trade took place. Your purchase order will be completed when monero matches the user who has agreed to the price set for the trade. You can act accordingly.

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