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How to Buy Monero from Thodex

Thodex brand is a stock exchange that lists the most diverse cryptocurrency diversity of our country within the cryptocurrency sector in Turkey.

How to Buy Monero from Thodex

How to buy Monero from Thodex  the answer to the question is quite simple. Apart from that, it is a company that has agreement with many banks and has highly equipped customer service support in the sector in which it operates. The first Bitcoin ATM in our country has been launched by Thodex. After its establishment, it developed itself in a short period of time and has been one of the crypto-currency trading platforms growing at the greatest pace in our country.

Many innovations in the digital currency world have been brought to our country by Thodex. Moreover, due to its customer satisfaction-oriented work during its activities and its high level of security, Thodex ranks high among the most preferred and most trusted domestic cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to Buy With Monero (XMR) Thodex

Monero has a large and considerable share of cryptocurrencies. The Monero algorithm is among the most secure altcoins because it is based on privacy and cannot be monitored. Due to its use of a unique encryption system, the confidentiality of the transactions is fully secured. You can buy Monero with Thodex.

Thodex Monero Trading

As for the answer to the questions of where to buy Monero and how to buy Monero;

The first thing you need to do is create a free account on the Thodex cryptocurrency exchange. Once your account verification process with a security confirmation is complete, you will need to enter your approved account, deposit and click on the Monero Buy Sat button in the section where purchases are made with a deposit. You can leave a purchase order by specifying the amount of Monero and the exchange rate you want to order your purchase through the pop-up screen and clicking the Buy Monero button. When the purchase orders you perform match other orders, the Monero buying and selling from Thodex is complete.

After buying and selling, you can continue to use your Thodex account free of charge and securely. Under the assurance of Thodex, you can retain Monero and other cryptocurrencies that you have purchased for investment purposes.

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